June 22

Digital footprint

Today, especially my generation spends a lot of time in the internet and they leave of course their footprints, and this is what I want to write about, digital footprints.

When something is once in the internet, it will stay there forever.I should have appreciated this quote more when I was younger, because when I got my first smartphone , which was in the first class of the middle school, I loved to take pictures of everything and to post them afterwards to share them with anybody.

I was always discovered every app very early,so that is the reason why I have Snapchat since 2012 and Instagram since 2011. Back then I was really proud to have a lot of followers and I shared my whole life with them. Starting with my breakfast and ending with my pair of socks.Of course, I regret it in some ways, that I was so naiv, but when I google myself the only thing I am able to find out is how my ask.fm is called and I am forced to look at some older pictures of me.

I am not scared of my future supervisor of not wanting me , because of my digital footprint. I really try to take care what I share with the entire world and also who is able to see my pictures. What another reason is, why I am not scared of my digital footprint is, that I never use my real name. If you google my real name , there are hardly no information you can get, so thanks to Ida.

June 22

Je ne parle pas francais

Bonjour, je suis Ida et j’ai 16 ans. This is the only thing besides je ne sais pas-which means I dont know , which I am able to understand in French. In this post I want to talk about foreign languages. To be more precise, why I think it is nonsense.

In the third grade we were allowed to choose between Latin, Italian and French. Allowed is the wrong word, because we had to take French, because we are attending an EU class. In the beginning I really liked it. Our teacher was really funny and it was a great alternation to English. Nevertheless, today I hate it.

Of course, it is my fault why I am so bad in French, and I don’t want to judge the language, my brain just doesn’t want to learn for French.I have had French for four years now and still I am not able to say anything without the help of my teacher, and I am not the only one in my group. I know this is a typical statement of a student but I don’t need French. As soon as I finish school, I will never speak French again, and even if I’ll visit France, Belgium etc I will still use English, because everybody should be able to understand it. So I hate it that I spend at least five hours a week for this object.

All in all, I am very happy to get the education our school is able to give us, but I had to say it and hopefully my French teacher will never read this.
-Au revoir

June 21


1. I want to be 1.60m tall
2. I want to get a pet
3. I want to know who Azor Ahai is (Game of Thrones)
4. I want to see Ed Sheeran live
5. I want to be in one room with a reptile
6. I want to get a 2 in French
7. I want to be able to have a normal conversation with a French person
8. I want to touch a goat
9. I want to go on vacation with my best friend
10.I want to see Luxembourg
11.I want my voice to be deeper
12.I want to read one French book
13.I want to punch somebody in the face (hihihihihi)
14.I want to be vegetarian for two months
15.I want to motivate myself more for school
16.I want to watch Harry Potter
17.I want to fall in love, like Maxon and America
18.I want to wear a red dress
19.I want my wardrobe to become more colourfull
20.I want to have short hair
21.I want a third earring
22.I want to dye my hair
23.I want to be able to rap rap good in the same speed as Eminem
24.I want to visite Cambridge again
25.I want to touch an elephant
26.I want to be able to introduce myself in Russian
27.I want to know who my real friends are
28.I want to be able to flick
29.I want to see my mother drunk
30.I want to be good in maths
31.I want to visit my cousin in America
32.I want to talk to Shawn Mendes, even if it is just a hi
33.I want to be at a festival
34.I want to be mean
35.I want to get more mature
36.I want to see the Konferenzroom

May 16


Today the cinema is losing its clients. People started to exchange going to the cinema for laying in bed and watching for instance Amazon Prime, Sky or Netflix. Nevertheless, why do people do that, and which kind of way is the better one?

Probably why there has always been illegal streaming is the money. Cinemas are rather expensive. For sure, you have to pay for Amazon Prime too, but you have always access to it and you just have to pay your monthly amount of money which costs less than a movie in the cinema.

Even if the cinema costs a lot more than these web sides, you are not able to compare the quality of the video and sound and of course of the nachos. To be honest what the most important aspect for me is, is the feeling. The dressing up nicely, buying good food, watching 15 minutes of advertisement and eating up all the food and the drinks, having to go to the toilet but not wanting to miss any scene. As you can see, no matter how big your TV at home is, no internet side is able to give you the typical cinema feeling.

April 23


When people’s standard of living increase, they often think about improving their knowledge. To do that, they choose to study in MEDC where they can get progressive education. However, everything has its advantages and disadvantages, so studying abroad is not an expectation.

We have chance to improve our language. I think nothing is better than to learn language with the native speakers. Because we can practice with the local people what we study at school, so it is very useful to improve our listening and speaking skills. It also offers chances to discover the new cultures, way of thinking, history,customs and lifestyles.

Adapting to a new environment is challenge for every foreign student. While changing the weather can affect our health, different cultures and customs may influence our mind and make us become more confident and forces us to stand on our own feet, because there are no parents who could help us out. As a result, we could neither study nor gain beautiful experiences as we have expected.

In conclusion, while studying aboard offers great opportunities for a better future, it also has challenges that we must try our best to overcome what happened to make our dream come true. Therefore, If you have a chance I think you should take that chance to study abroad.

April 20

It would have been nice…

HI I am Nathanel ,
The best superhero, who has ever lived.What I do? I support people all over the world with food and I am able to heal any illness.I have also built billions of schools, so that everybody has the chance of education. I stopped terrorism and of course , because of me , everybody has enough water to drink. There is no racism anymore , nobody has to be afraid of not having a place to sleep and there are no wars anymore , that’s all of me. Thank me later.

Hi, Ida again.
Obviously this was a joke , because in my opinion no person on this planet is able to change all of this problems.To be honest I don’t even think that anybody can change the current situation of for example the IS. I know that it sounds very hard, but if you want to stop a war, there still have to be people , who are giving their lives.
When it comes to water and food, I think it is also very hard to change that.There are so many people, who have to drink polluted water, and because of that, they become ill.
My geographic teacher once said, if we want Africa to have enough water, we , the western world, would have to abandon on a lot of thinks. If we want , that people in China get enough money for their work, we should be willing more to pay.
Don’t get me wrong , If I’d have the chance to change all of this problems, I wouldn’t be writing this post, but there is one thing that we aren’t able to change.Peoples thinking.

If everybody would respect and accept each other, there would be no war, no sexism , no racism and if we would take more care about how much natural resources (like water for example) we use, and if it is really necessary that everybody has a pool,every hotel has a fountain, we could change this too.

April 20


MY little cousin, asked me if I could write something for her blog. Jag heter Ajdin, which means:”my name is Ajdin”, I am 20 years old and to be honest I don’t know what exactly to write. She said, that I was able to write whatever I want, so I thought why not giving you an overview over the relationship between Ida and me.

Her mother is the sister of my dad, and these two are the youngest of nine children , so their bond has always been something special. This is the same when it comes to my older brother, my younger brother, Ida and me. When we were younger we spent four weeks together, even if she was like 5 years younger than me, she was our only ‘friend’. Maybe I should tell you, that we spend those 4 weeks at least two months in Bosnia and two weeks at the sea( like Croatia, Italy, Greece). Of course, she was, and still is , very annoying but she will always be my little cousin. Probably I should mention that I live in Sweden and she in Austria, which takes 2 hours with the plain.What has us always connected was our bad Bosnian, when our cousins visited us, who are living in Bosnia, they were always judging our Bosnian, but Ida’s was always better than mine was. When my brother got his driving licence , we spent every day at the ( I am sorry I have no clue what it is called in English , but google translator says outdoor pool) , so we were always outside. To be honest , we have spent our last four weeks together like 4 years ago, because I am not able to go to Bosnia anymore ,well I am , but I have to work and I don’t like it that much, but we still have contact weekly.
I hope my English isn’t too bad, and I can satisfy Ida’s teacher, bye ses snart !

April 20



67 years ago, my grandmother fell in love with my grandfather. These two weren’t able to hold their hands back from each other.The result of their love were 9 children. 6 daughters, 3 brothers, 23 grandchildren and 27 grand-grand children. Sounds a lot, doesn’t it? The funny aspect of this is , that my dad still has 6 brothers , and some of them are already grandparents , and we are not allowed to forget the siblings of my grand parents , and their , children, grandchildren and last but not least grand-grandchildren.
My parents have always been the outstanding ones, because they are the only married couple with one child, and well that’s of course me.

Family has always been a big part in my life. As you maybe know, my parents were born in Bosnia, and when the civil war in former Yugoslavia started , nearly every member of my family flew to another country.I am lucky to say , that I have relatives nearly all over the world. Starting in Sweden, England, America, Africa, Australia, France, Germany, Slovenia and a lot more.I have to admit, that I don’t know all of my family members name , but at least I know all of my parents siblings, their children and grandchildren.

Even if we are spread out all over the world, we are managing to meet a least once a year at my grandmothers house, which is always a lot of fun, because I have to say, even if they embarrass me sometimes, I have a very cool family, which can make you always smile. Of course my youngest uncle should stop being shirtless in his garden, my aunt is in the age of 50 still not able to do her brows properly, my little cousin adores me too much, my cousin has like no hair left in the age of 25 but they will always mean the world to me.

Nevertheless , here in Austria I just have my mum, my dad and one cousin, who is one year, one month and one day younger than me , so our relationship is very strong, especially when it comes to my mum.Her name is Safija , and she will turn 5o this year , she is everything for me.We spent a lot of time together, we talk about everything and she is like the nicest person you will ever meet.

So that’s my family.

April 5

18th June

My name is Lyanna Arryn, daughter of Orlena Arryn and Rob Arryn and the twin sister of Lysa Arryn. I will never be able to obliterate what had happened on a rainy Sunday. I looked out of the window. The sky was tar-black and the large clouds were moving towards me. I heard a tapping on the window and then it became a pitter-patter. People ran for cover outside and umbrellas were opened as the clouds spat out their beads of water. Puddles began plinking as the rainfall became heavier. The roofs of the cars danced with spray and I could hear the murmuring of the rain through the window. It sounded like the buzzing of angry bees. But what really was roaring, was the fear of my little sister Lysa.I have always called her my little sister, even if she was sky-scraping next to me, but she was seven minutes younger than me, this was the reason why I have always felt culpable for her. I had told her to calm down, but she wasn’t able to do that so we started wrangling. Even if I just wanted to help her, my mum addressed us to retire into our room. I was so mad at my sister, that the only thing I was able to think about, was how I will take revenge on her. Suddenly I heard a clamour, it was a female voice, it was my mother’s voice. Lysa asked me, what was happening but I couldn’t response to her. The only thought I had was to go downstairs and to have a look. I told Lysa to stay in her bed. I opened my door quietly, closed it, I was trying to make no noise while sneaking to the hall. When I have arrived at the head of the stairs I couldn’t believe my eyes. My always smiling mother and my optimistic dad had been laying on the floor, both had their eyes opened and my mum her mouth too. In every corner of our living room had been blood, but the only thing I was able to concentrate on was this man. He was the tallest human being I have ever seen, he was wearing a black sweater and pair of white trousers, which had been once white. His hands very full of blood, but the one thing which made me unable to move, were his eyes. He had the greenest eyes I have ever seen and they looked at me and promised me that he would kill my sister and me too, If I would start shouting. He took his knife and left our house within some seconds. I wanted to shout, to cry to do anything but I couldn’t do it. I was captured in my own body. After some time, the police arrived, the neighbours have heard the call for help too, but they had been too late. My parents had died. Since then I haven’t ever spoken again.

It was the first morning after we had found Jeff’s body. Nobody thought about saying anything. Not even Casemiro, who was always annoying us. Casemiro has always been the stupid boy, who thinks that good looking is everything. He didn’t have a bad soul, but I didn’t like him. He always tried to talk to me but I hated the feeling of him looking into my face. His big brown eyes always searched for mine, but they never had the honour to look into mine. What I have noticed, after all this had happened, was that he wasn’t able to stand still anymore. Casemiro was always searching for any hold and the one thing that kept him surviving was Sanchos. What Sanchos said, had to be done. Even Catylnn would have killed herself, if Sanchos told her to. I didn’t get what should have been that fascinating about him. His skin looked tanned, he owes that to his Spanish roots. His hands were the biggest I have ever seen, he could have killed somebody with those instruments. If you take a closer look into his face, you should be able to see his freckles, but the part, which made me hate him most, were his eyes. He had green eyes which had been always focused on one’s lips. These eyes hadn’t ever considered different ones, except for mine. I hated him, he always remined me of the murderer of my family.

Casemiro was sitting next to Sanchos, they didn’t recognise that Catlynn was still missing, Casemiro didn’t even recognise that he was still living. When I got to know him, two days ago, he tried to convince Catlynn that he was the strong man, who wasn’t afraid of anything, but today, he was trying the hold back his tears. Suddenly he stood up and said:” Where the fuck is Catlynn? We are not allowed to lose her too!” So, he started calling for her and told Sanchos to do the same. Sanchos wasn’t as surprised as Casemiro was when he told him that Catlynn was missing. Did he know that she was missing? Did he even care about the fact that she was missing? “Catlynn! Catlynn, where are you?” Suddenly I heard some panting coming behind me. It was her. The want to-be perfect girl. The girl, who didn’t eat a lot to stay in shape, the girl, who wasn’t able to survive without make-up. When others complained about how hungry they were, she told me that she was missing her Make-Up and how sweet Casemiro was. She stumbled over a root and fell on her knees, precisely in front of Sanchos. Her whole body was shaking, her face was impregnated in sweat and you could see that she had done something which she shouldn’t have done. I wanted to ask her, what had happened, but my voice didn’t allow me to. “Where have you been? What’ wrong with you? What happened to you?” Casemiro asked her but Sancho told him to leave her alone. This constellation Catlynn on her knees and Sancho and Casemiro surrounding her, had made me laugh, but nobody, except for Sanchos had seen my smile.

After she had calmed down she told us that she had found a diary of two scientists, who had lived on this island. Casemiro and Sanchos started yelling at her, when they had found out, that she found the diary in the church. “Have you forgotten what happened the last time when we had entered the church? Do you want to kill the rest of us? What is wrong with you?”, Casemiro said. „No I haven’t forgotten what happened. Don’t you think you are the only one who is fearful? All I want is to go home and forget all of this and now stop yelling at me and leave me alone! ” she answered and in the same moment she turned around and ran away. The boys tried to stop her, but she was faster than she looked like.

Subsequently Sanchos tried to calm Casemiro, who didn’t know how to stop crying, down. It was interesting, which magical influence Sanchos had on Casemiro. It didn’t matter what he had told him, Casemiro believed him everything and did anything what he told him to do. It was kind of funny, how the big guy lost more tears then the clouds over the rainforest, rain. This time he saw my innocuous smile and stood up and nearly started running towards me. “What the fuck is wrong with you? Haven’t you got feelings? What is so funny?”, he gave me an anticipative look, waiting for a response, but I wasn’t able to. “Why don’t you speak, tell me what is wrong with you?”, he repeated. “Casemiro, stop that, leave her alone”, Sanchos said, but Casemiro didn’t obey him. He pulled his hands around my thin arms, from second to second his handle got stronger and stronger. I had started to feel a kind of burn, it started in my arms, flowed through my shoulders and ended in my chest. All I could think about was that I will die, I really wanted to shout, tell him to let me alone, but his handle still got stronger and stronger. I thought it was over, but suddenly Sanchos grabbed his arm and pulled him away from me.
I started to run, I ran through the forest, stumbled over some roots, but I had to reach the coast. Even if I knew that Sanchos wouldn’t had allowed Casemiro to follow me, I had been so scared that I didn’t allow my self to turn around . My head throbbed, all my blood flowed into my head and I was really able to feel the heat on my face, but I had to reach the coast, so I ran and ran, running for my life and suddenly, behind some tree crowns, I was able to see water. When I reached the coast, I allowed my body to fall. While lying on the beach, the only thing I had heard was my heart beat. The last time that it had been that fast, was when I had seen my dead parents. Abruptly I felt a strange feeling, which I haven’t felt for ages. My body, my heart, my inner me wanted to express my feelings and I started crying. I haven’t cried for ten years, but at that moment, every pain, all the sadness, which had been captured in me had to leave my mind, my body and it felt indescribable, I felt like a human being again.
All of a sudden, I heard a clamour, it was a female voice, it was Catlynns’s voice. I felt again like a six-year-old child, who wasn’t able to help her parents. That time I wanted to get help, I didn’t want to lose again a friend, even if I didn’t like her. I ran back into the camp to get the boys, but when I had arrived there, Casemiro was the only one in the camp. I knew that he still wanted to hurt me and that he feared me but I needed his help, because Catlynn needed his help. “What do you want? “, he said. Still, I wasn’t able to speak so I grabbed his hand and explained him by my body language that he had to follow me. Thankfully he understood me and followed me. When we had arrived at the coast, it felt like my body stopped working, my blood circulation didn’t work anymore and I felt so weak. I wasn’t able to close my mouth, because what we had found was a dead Catlynn, with a hole, where her heart was located. When Casemiro saw her corps, he started to throw up, even if he didn’t eat hardly anything in the past two days. One minute later Sanchos had arrived at the crime scene. He wasn’t as shocked as Casemiro was, but what he had noticed, was that I didn’t show any reactions. “Lyanna, what is wrong with you? Your friend died and you don’t show any reactions? Maybe you have done this crime!” I didn’t know what to say. I knew that I was a monster, but the only human being I would kill is the murdered of my parents. I would never touch anybody, and I was so scared that Casemiro would believe this lie, so the only reaction I had is to cry. Casemiro looked at me. His eyes tried to enter my soul, and to be honest I think that he manged it. “Stop it Sanchos, she is too weak to do this and she wanted my help to help Catlynn.” But Sanchos didn’t believe him nor me.
Back in the camp Sanchos still was observing me, and I hated the feeling being in the spotlight. But I was very thankful that Casemiro stood behind me, because without him, I didn’t want to know what Sanchos would had done with me. After some time Casemiro and Sanchos decided to go to sleep, even if I couldn’t even think about sleeping, I laid down too. I tried do close my eyes, but every time my eyes had been closed I saw Catlynn’s body. It was full of blood and her face was so pale. Nevertheless, I had been so tired so I tried to get some sleep.
When I opened my eyes, all I had been able to see was the darkness, but I was able to hear something. This noise reminded me of my sister’s voice, but this wasn’t possible. I hadn’t seen her for some years. I thought that it was just a dream so I turned around and tried to sleep again. “Lyanna, my beautiful, smaller and older sister. Come with me, help me.” This wasn’t feasible. It had to be a dream, but I had to know if it was really her. She needed my help and I wasn’t able to help my parents nor Catlynn, so I stood up and followed the voice. I couldn’t see anything, but the voice had led me to a building. In the darkness I didn’t recognise it, so I just followed the voice. When I opened the door, candles welcomed me, and as soon I was able to sort my thoughts I perceived that I had been standing in the church. I turned around but I couldn’t find my little sister. What had happened to me? Did I got crazy? Why am I here? Why did my brain played this game with me?
There had been a feeling in the air, which was disgusting. It felt like the church was living and that it wanted to show me something. But how should this work, it was just a building, an empty building. But then it came into my mind. Who or what lightened on the candles. I should have felt scared but I wasn’t. I was so interested in what the church wanted to tell me. It took some time until I noticed that the candled had been placed in a row, and that row led to the altar of the church. So, I took all my courage together and followed the row. I wasn’t able to believe what there had been laying on the altar. It looked like it went mouldy, but it was the bloodiest red I’ve ever seen. I had always thought that it would be bigger, but it was just as big as my hand. On the altar, there had been laying a heart, and it was probably the one of Jeff.
All of the sudden I heard a noise. It was the noise of somebody opening the door. My eyes scoured the room to find a hiding place, and my legs hided me behind a bench. The door opened and I stopped breathing. I have heard loud footsteps. These had been leading to the altar, where some huge hands had placed a second heart next to Jeff’s heart. I couldn’t see the face and when this demon wanted to leave the church, he or it turned around, because I had exhaled a bit too loud. This monster went back to the altar and then back to the door. It didn’t want to leave the church, so it sat down on the bench, next to the bench, where I tried to hide. He said something in Latin and the only words I could understand were occidere and quattour. This person stood up, bowed once and left the church. When the door closed, I was able to exhale, I was able to think again, and I was able to flee. So, I had waited for one minute and then I ran back into the camp. When I had arrived in the camp I was able to see that one sleeping place was. I laid down and closed my eyes. I heard footsteps, but this time I knew to whom they belong to .

April 5


One week ago our class was divided into five groups all of which were supposed to create one whole story set in one worst case scenario which we had to write. Every member should write one chapter out of their character’s perspective. My group consists of Sophie,Nici,Flo, Pia and me. Our worst scene scenario was to deal with living on a desert island after a plane crash.

Chapter one: Florian
Chapter two : Nici
Chapter three: Pia
Chapter four : me
Chapter five: Sophie
Chapter six: Nici